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Book - My first ArduMikron 5+ circuit

Book - My first ArduMikron 5+ circuitBook title:

Book - My first ArduMikron 5+ circuit

Language: English.

Format: .pdf

The size: 210×297 мм

Volume: 26 pages, 11,3 МБ 

Publisher: ArduBlock

Author: Vitaly Petrov

Price: 150 ₽

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ArduMikron is the first step into the world of electronics and the creation of smart devices for children of younger preschool age (from 5 years old). The main goal of "ArduMikron" is to show the child what cool things he can assemble with his own hands, and to interest him in electrical engineering.

Table of contents:


Components with aliexpress:

Mini development board LEDs Jumper wires Battery compartment Resistors
Tact buttons Photoresistor Buzzer Potentiometer Gearmotor TT 130
Electric capacitors Transistors RGB LEDs N20 mini DC motor Ready set

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