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Author ArduBlock - Petrov Vitaliy Nikolaevich

Author ArduBlock - Petrov Vitaliy NikolaevichName: Petrov Vitaliy Nikolaevich

Specialty: Software Engineer

Position: Director, ArduBlock Developer

Date of birth: April 19, 1993

Interest categories: Computer Science, Electrical Engineering

About ArduBlock app:

ArduBlock is a web application that will help you write a program without knowing the C ++ programming language, that is, assemble a program from blocks, copy and download through the Arduino ide Compiler to an Arduino Uno board. The application is free. Available to all at http://ardublock.ru/en/ The application was developed for children studying in schools Robotics and Electrical Engineering! Age from 5 to 17 years.



YouTube: ArduBlock

E-mail: ardublock@mail.ru

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