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The author of the ArduBlock application is Petrov Vitaliy Nikolaevich

The creator of ArduBlock is Petrov Vitaliy NikolaevichName: Petrov Vitaliy Nikolaevich

Specialty: Software engineer

PositionDirector, ArduBlock Developer

Date of Birth: 19 april 1993

Interest Categories: Computer Science, Electrical Engineering

About ArduBlock:

ArduBlock - this is a web application that will help you to write a program without knowing the C ++ programming language, that is, assemble the program from blocks, copy and download through the Arduino ide Compiler to the Arduino Uno board.

The app is free! The online version of the ArduBlock app is available to everyone by reference http://ardublock.ru

The application is developed for children studying in schools
Robotics and Electrical Engineering! Age from 5 to 17 years.



VK ArduBlock group: www.vk.com/ardublock

YouTube channel ArduBlock: www.youtube.com/ArduBlock

Instagram ArduBlock RU: www.instagram.com/ardublock.ru

E-mail: ardublock@mail.ru


Donate the ArduBlock project: $, €, ₽

Yandex money: 410016664715863

PayPal: @ardublock


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