Internet of things
ESP Block / ESP 8266 12f

  • Language: English.
  • Format: .pdf
  • The size: 210×297 мм
  • Volume: 13 pages, 5,5 MB
  • Application: ESP Block
  • Author: Vitaly Petrov

Internet of things ESP Block ESP 8266 12f

Description: The book contains 10 unique projects for a quick start ESP 8266 12f.
The block program is downloaded directly to the ESP board from the ESP Block application.
In the first projects, work with inputs and outputs is considered, and in the second part WEB and WIFI.

Files: Program sources .espblock

Video tutorial:

Components from Aliexpress:

ESP12F WeMos D1

ESP 8266 12F

Training set

Bread board





Servo SG90

Humidity sensor

Relay modules

Battery compartment